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Mail subscription information and form

"The Crooked River Sun " is essentially a FREE newspaper, supported by our advertisers.  For various reasons, occasionally you may miss picking up a copy, and to avoid this you can subscribe and we'll mail your copy every second week.   We won't use your information for any other purpose.  We'll bill you only for the postage and handling.  Within the 97760 zip code, the subscription rate is $16.00, outside $20.00. We'll acknowledge your subscription via email, and let you know when your subscription is about to run out so you can re-subscribe if you so desire.


Delivery Address:



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Please note that pre-payment is not required in order to begin your subscription.  We will bill you a total of $16.00 if you live in the 97760 zip area, or $20.00 for any other area.  This covers the postage and handling.


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