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These have been saved in grayscale at 775 pixels wide. Just right for a person viewing at a resolution of 800x600 w/Internet Explorer 4.01 or 5.0. All others pay your money and take your chances.

Here's a 5 page story by Crumb in 5 thumbnails.

eye1.jpg (84442 bytes) eye2.jpg (94378 bytes) eye3.jpg (92710 bytes) eye4.jpg (87691 bytes) eye5.jpg (101961 bytes)

Here's a sampling of Crumb's Greeting Card period.

card1.jpg (81063 bytes) card2.jpg (43845 bytes) card3.jpg (52353 bytes) card4.jpg (65540 bytes) card5.jpg (28400 bytes)
gailsnl.jpg (50287 bytes) shopper.jpg (98972 bytes)
Gail The Snail The Shopper

Fred the Teenaged Girl Pigeon

fred1.jpg (67101 bytes) fred2.jpg (69307 bytes)


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